Welcome to Thong Yang Bungalows.
A family run establishment for 2 generations.

Overview and availabilities !!!


Welcome to a small slice of heaven and warmly stylish Thongyang Bungalows where is a basic bungalow but well maintained. Touch the family’s traditional Thai hospitality and the smiles of the family who run the place will keep you smiling. Lie on the private beach, touching on a warm hug of sunshine in the evening and seeing the most beautiful sunset. You can feel free and fresh with set of a lush tropical garden with different plants and trees, several hammocks for relaxing and chilled.

A unique restaurant located on the beach capturing beautiful sunset, Thai and Western food are freshly cooked by our family, having every meal with the great sounds of the ocean and whispering of the wind.
        Bungalows are run by our family for over 20 years where travelers are more than 30 countries have deemed this private beach, a piece of paradise an ideal accommodation for single, couple, backpackers and families. Customer’s happiness is our main goal…